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Blue Alchemy

Learn more about a very special class offering!


Welcome to Blue Alchemy!

This summer-long course is for the creative, the curious, and the imaginative. Using the basic structure of alchemical principals, we will be exploring the many fascinating aspects to the color blue. From a dye that changes from yellow to blue before your eyes to foods that transform from purple to cyan, we will dive in deep to the magical facets that blue has to offer. In addition to hands-on tutorials, we’ll also have discussions about the alchemical process and how it relates to our personal lives as well. Our culmination will be a Blue Alchemy party where all of the projects we’ve worked on will come together!

As part of the course, you will receive .pdfs with instructions and recipes to work from during the course. Once our course is complete, I will add pictures from it to an e-book containing all of the information and send you a copy as well!

You will need to provide a few basic supplies, but I’ll supply the rest. Plan on bringing a white, natural fiber shirt or dress to dye, a small copper vessel of some kind, and anything you want to crystalize (more information on how to select all of these will be given upon enrollment) You will also need a sketchbook or notebook and access to the Internet.

This course will include:

*The Japanese art of binding fabric (Shibori) plus how to make an indigo vat. You will have the opportunity to dye your own clothing to wear to the end-of-class party.

*Creating and decorating ceramic plates using a variety of blue glazes so you can see how the heat of a kiln changes raw ingredients into functional, food-safe glazes. You will make your own keepsake plate, with an optional opportunity to decorate it with real gold luster!

*Using sun-sensitive dyes and paper (known as cyanotypes) to create both invitations and dye fabric imprinted with the white forms of whatever you set on top. You’ll design your own bandana to use as a napkin at our party (and then take home, of course.)

*Exploring the oxidation of copper and brass into beautiful blue and green patinas using salts and ammonia. We’ll be using this process to make unique vases for the table setting.

*Learning how to create a super saturated solution and how to grow sparkling crystals on just about anything! We will use this technique to make decorations and keepsake sculptures.

* Experimenting with the secrets of making blue food, naturally. Once you learn the basic recipes, you’ll be able to design a dish of your own choosing to share at our potluck gathering.

*A very special ritual and lovely surprise for later in the course! Please note that this is a secular magic course and isn’t tied to any specific spirituality or religion. All spiritual backgrounds are welcome!

Heres the catch:

With my chronic illness, I sometimes have days where I just cannot function, no matter how careful I am in managing symptoms. Therefore, I have designated extra days to use as make-up days should I need to postpone classes. (There will be 7 classes total.) Students will need to be willing to check their email before class on each class day to be up-to-date about cancellations. For payment, I will ask for a $200 deposit up front and then the rest will be by donation based on how you perceive the value of the course. (With extra contributions going into the Wonder Fund!)

This class will also be held at my home in the Northend of Boise, Idaho since I am unable to drive due to neurological symptoms and have limited energy. Since I am letting students into my personal space, I’m going to be selective about who I accept to teach. Your submission is very important in showing me your character and if you’d be a good fit!

Submissions are due by June 19. Once you’ve been selected I will send you a PayPal invoice for the $200 deposit. If it’s not paid by June 23rd I will move down the list. I will only be accepting 7 students so make a case for yourself below. :) Once I have received your payment, I will send you some information on the supplies you’ll need to procure before we begin.

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The proposed dates of class are: July 3rd - first class July 10th - second class July 17 - third class July 24 - fourth class July 31 - fifth class August 14th - sixth class August 21 - seventh class Aug 28 make-up class 1 Sept. 4 make-up class 2 Sept. 11 make-up class 3 Sept 18 make-up class 4

This Class Is Not:

An in-depth exploration of the history and practice of Alchemy over the ages. It’s an introduction to some of the basic tenets of alchemy and will serve as an addition to an education in alchemy as well as standing on its own as an interesting course on the exploration of blue.

If you would like to take courses on Alchemy’s history, I can recommend other resources to you to compliment what you learn here. :)