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Blue Pool

Did you know that most languages develop a word for the color “blue” last? We may think of the sky and water as blue but there are very few things found in the natural world that are truly, tangibly blue. That means that when we stumble upon them we are surprised and delighted- think of the joy of finding a cracked Robin’s eggshell or a blueberry bush laden with fruit!

This event was a celebration of the color blue, of springtime and fresh starts and new wings. It was held at the Tamolitch Blue Pool in central Oregon, a natural wonder that consists of a pool that looks sapphire blue in color. Invitations disguised as large blue eggs were hidden along the trail and the lucky hikers that found them were invited to join a picnic on a cliff overlooking the sparkling pool. There they dined on all manner of naturally - blue foods, from dark indigo blueberry cake to a bright blue iced tea. The artwork I created for this event was inspired by other sources of natural blue in our Pacific Northwest world: the tiny blue butterflies that live in the mountains, and the shimmer of blue bird’s wings. It was held on Mothers’ Day, an extra magical surprise for the families hiking that particular trail on a beautiful spring day.