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The Wondersmith’s Guide To Immersive Experiences

Big breath Okay, I’m officially putting this out there - I want to write a book. So many of you have expressed joy, wonder, and interest in the immersive events I’ve created in the past, I’m feeling inspired to put everything I know about it into one awesome little instruction manual. I’m working on my book proposal, which involves quite a bit of research and I would love your help! I’m trying to get a better grasp on just who my community is comprised of. As thanks for completing the survey below, I’ll be entering your name into a drawing for a one-hour phone consultation with me where you can get my feedback on designing your own memorable experience! (Just enter by Nov. 7th to be included.) Below the survey is a bit more about my idea for the book so read through if you’re interested and be sure to sign up for my blog updates if you want to keep in-the-loop about my progress.

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This book will be part diary and part instruction manual, meant to outline the steps I take to plan one of my magical events so others can create their own meaningful experiences to share with friends, family, or strangers. This is so much more than a party planning book; it’s a guide to developing your own meaningful events, rituals, ceremonies, and/or parties around your own very specific intentions. My process could be applied to birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and other more common celebrations… but, even better, this book will teach you how to craft custom events for far more personal occasions.

Every time I plan one of my events, I think of it as a story or an adventure. I begin with the intention: what emotions will this event be about? Will it be full of lighthearted play? Will it be focused instead on discussions about change? Perhaps it’s just a quiet time for chronically ill people to relax or an exploration of the mysteries of deep ocean waters. Once I have my intention set, I start brainstorming the rest of the process, loosely basing each step on Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Hero’s Journey.”

From “call to adventure” to “threshold crossing”, each chapter of this book will be dedicated to a step in this journey. They’ll be filled with both sketches and photos from my own magical events to demonstrate the planning process and all of the creative potential of each part of the event, from the invitations to the party favors and everything in-between. Let me hold your hand as you see event planning through a whole new light and learn to plan gatherings that aren’t just parties - they’re adventures.