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My Writings

Coming soon, I will be offering a series of e-books on various subjects that relate to my art practice. I also have a longer-term goal of making a series of books, divided up seasonally. Each book would contain 3 months worth of my seasonal foraged recipes, essays, and rituals. Hopefully someday I will be able to bring them to fruition in a beautiful, heirloom-quality set of marvelous books.

Meanwhile, you can find lots of my writings over on my blog, or in numerous other publications! If you are a publication that shares my values of nature, plants, wonder, and community, please feel free to reach out to me for contributions in the form of articles, interviews, and recipes!


Portfolio of Publications:

Updated Descriptions coming soon!

The Winter 2018 Issue of Enchanted Living features my recipe for Dark Forest Bitters and my recipe for Crescent Moon Sorbet, which is accompanied by a crescent moon ritual as well.

The December 2018 Issue of Witchology Magazine features my recipe for a savory Buche de Noel cake filled with wild mushrooms and a Yule Log ritual to accompany it.

The Winter 2018 Issue of Thrive Magazine features a mini portfolio, interview questions, and my recipes for Candy Cap Moss Truffles and Pine Nut Cheese Roses.


The November 2018 Issue of Witchology features my recipe for Juniper Beetroot Truffles and some tips for mindful eating.


The Fall 2018 Issue of Faerie Magazine features my recipe for a Magic Potion filled with elderberry, mullein, star anise, and horehound.


The September 2018 Issue of Witchology Magazine features my recipe for “Letting Go of Summer Cider” and a short article about the changing seasons.


The Summer 2018 Issue of Faerie Magazine features a Feature article about my art practice and events, photos of my event Shipwreck, and my recipe for Yarrow Labradorite Soap.


The Spring 2018 Issue of Faerie Magazine features my recipe for Stinging Nettle Moss Cake, an article about Moss Gazing, and photos from a past event.

Lagom #4 Features a Feature Article about my event “Eat Dirt” along with many photos from the event.