The Wondersmith
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In a world of text messages and brief emails, taking the time to write down our feelings for those we care about is a beautiful act of intimacy. This event was inspired by a series of teacups and saucers I created on a whim inscribed with little snippets of poetic expressions of love. Guests earned their way to attend this event by submitting a love story in 15 words or less. On a sunny morning in the foothills around Boise, Idaho, we joined together amongst the sagebrush to celebrate love in all its forms around a delicious brunch. We told stories both of giving and receiving love. We talked about the importance of vulnerability. We even crafted our own ceramic tokens to give to a loved one! And, we ate a lot of quiche. Huge thanks to my co-Wondersmith “Sage” for helping me plan, execute, and photograph this special event! You can see a more detailed description of this event in its Facebook album.