The Wondersmith
Rewarding curiosity and gifting magic all over the Pacific Northwest


The wonder of cracking open a boring-looking rock to reveal a sparkling geode was the inspiration for this event. Invitations were tucked into ceramic geodes left in public places inviting those lucky enough to stumble upon them and adventurous enough to crack them open  to a magical event deep within the earth, down in the Kuna Caves near Kuna, Idaho. Guests descended down a tall ladder and then together we dined on little geode appetizers, colorful root vegetables covered in herbs and baked in clay (which we smashed open with hammers and topped with a variety of colorful sauces), and finally edible confectionary geodes with platters of fresh fruit. A spelunking adventure deeper into the lava tube caverns revealed extra hidden treasures: handmade glass crystal sculptures. It was an afternoon of excited wonder and discovery celebrating the treasures found deep underground, from tasty roots to sparkling crystals to memorable adventures.