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An assortment of handmade glass and ceramic items that can be purchased after my interactive events. These are functional sculptures and artifacts of the experience. 

Barnacle Cups, Set of Two: Ancient Basalt

Barnacle Cups, Set of Two: Ancient Basalt


These beautiful nautical tea cups are hand-sculpted out of porcelain clay, then fired twice to create durable, food-safe functional vessels great for hot drinks! Perfect for snuggling up with a view of the ocean in the winter. Each barnacle is sculpted entirely by hand; no molds are used. Every cup is unique!  This pair is glazed with an earthy color combo of dusky purple and warm rust, with lavender and cream accents.  

Each set comes with a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity indicating its use in my event "Ephemera." If you'd like to see more pictures of this event, head to the "events" tab!

Care instructions: food safe, microwave safe, hand-wash recommended. 

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