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An assortment of handmade glass and ceramic items that can be purchased after my interactive events. These are functional sculptures and artifacts of the experience. 

Vibrant Orange Glass Tidepool Clusters

Vibrant Orange Glass Tidepool Clusters


Bright tangerine orange accented with streaky peach-colored glass and the complimentary colors of gray-blue, indigo, and light blue create a striking composition. This set is not for the faint-of-heart; that orange is BRIGHT! 

The dimensions of these pieces are: 12.75" x 9"; 5" x 3.5"; 4.5" x 4" 

Each one of these sets is handmade out of blown and kiln-formed glass. I blow the components in a hotshop using molten liquid glass, then allow them to anneal before cutting, grinding, rearranging, and firing them at a very specific temperature. It's an intense and meticulous process but I think it pays off in the great detail these pieces show! Some of the dewdrops even sparkle with dichroic glass, which changes colors depending on the light and angle. These would look lovely displayed on a coffee table or hung on a wall. 

Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity indicating their use in "Ephemera." If you'd like to see more photos of this event, just go to the "events" tab. 

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