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An assortment of handmade glass and ceramic items that can be purchased after my interactive events. These are functional sculptures and artifacts of the experience. 

Angela Mermaid Necklace

Angela Mermaid Necklace


Vibrant chartreuse barnacle clusters sit atop a teal and forest green mottled enamel base, shimmering with glass dewdrops with tiny little details of dichroic glass. Below them hang droplets of lemon quartz and the focal point is accented by green cultured pearls and faceted pearls. 

The dimensions of the focal point on this necklace is 4.25" x 3" and it hangs down 11". 

These gorgeous necklaces look like something a mermaid might have rescued from a shipwreck from their shimmering glass to hammered oxidized silver. The glass barnacles on these one-of-a-kind statement necklaces are handmade through a meticulous process of blowing, cutting, shaping, and kiln-forming. They are then securely affixed with a cold fuse to a handcrafted enamel base, designed with custom colors to best accent the glass components. These focal points are accented with dripping semi-precious gemstone droplets hanging from oxidized silver-filled chains. Several strands of hand-strung and knotted pearls and gems on silk strands finish the look, complete with a handmade clasp of sterling silver and enameled copper. You'll surely feel like the queen of the mermaids wearing one of these artisan necklaces!

Each of these comes complete with a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity indicating that they were created for "Ephemera." To see more pictures of this event, click on the "events" tab! 

*Due to the fact that these necklaces are hung on hand-strung pearls, I am unable to alter the length of them. You can see approx. where they hang in the third picture - be sure to pick one with a length you'll like! 

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