The Wondersmith
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An assortment of handmade glass and ceramic items that can be purchased after my interactive events. These are functional sculptures and artifacts of the experience. 

Pearl Spot Dishes, (2)

Pearl Spot Dishes, (2)


The outside of these hand-sculpted porcelain dishes features the bumpy texture of a sea urchin shell, making them feel wonderful in-hand! The inside is glazed a light sky blue with spots of mother of pearl luster. Please note that the glaze on these bowls has some slight imperfections that may make them unsuitable for use as serving vessels. Sold as a set of two. Each set comes complete with a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity in a wax-sealed black envelope indicating the role they played at my recent wonder-filled event, "Shipwreck." 

Hand wash recommended, not microwave safe, not recommended for serving food. 

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