The Wondersmith
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This pop-up dinner party was a celebration of the diversity of holiday festivities. From Menorahs to Manger Scenes, Basque flags to Polish dolls, Rice Pots to Pomanders, it was awe-inspiring to see such a beautiful demonstration of humanity, all sparkling with winter lights. Cultural Ambassadors applied for their seats, then were able to invite a few of their friends. Everybody brought their own picnic supplies (including a thermos of soup) and we set up our banquet in a public park decked out for the season. It was so wonderful to bond over exchanged cards, nostalgic memories, and a warm meal on a cold winter’s night in central Idaho. I also loved being able to interact with passers-by and tell them about our purpose as we gathered together: to illuminate diversity and spread a little mid-winter light in doing so.

Huge thanks to The Glitter Projects for donating a bonus pre-party full of sparkly makeovers! I also couldn’t have done this without my faithful team of volunteers and magic-makers: Chelsea Santiago, Craig Crist, Lucy Chronic, and Chris Hinze.