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A more thorough look at the upcoming event Stones and Bones


Welcome to Stones and Bones

Dear intrepid Wonder-Seeker,
If you are here, you probably saw my video about this special event. Just in case you need more information, here is a detailed description of the purpose and what you can expect from it:

The purpose of this gathering is to provide a structured ceremony to get closure about the loss of a loved one. Funeral services and other ceremonies play an important part in the grieving process, and I know firsthand how empty it feels to not be able to attend one and find closure after a loss. This event is for any adult that is experiencing that same emptiness. There are many reasons you might be looking for that closure too. Perhaps illness, finances, or work schedules kept you from the services. Perhaps you were not welcome there for some reason, or had a difficult relationship with the deceased (or the religion of the ceremony.) Maybe there are other reasons that you feel you lack closure. Whatever your reason, you are welcome here.

This gathering will take place in two parts. Our first meet up will be on Thursday, October 3rd at 6:30pm at a location somewhere in Boise, Idaho. At this gathering, we will learn how to talk about death and loss in a respectful and vulnerable way (guided by a guest facilitator, Amy Pence Brown). You will also have the chance to create a meaningful and functional piece of artwork in remembrance of the person you would like to honor. (No art experience necessary!) Light refreshments will be served.

Our second meet up will be Sunday, October 13th at 2:00pm at a location about 40 minutes outside the city. We’ll spend an afternoon reflecting on each of our losses, coming together over a shared meal, and collectively honoring our lost loved ones through ceremony.

I want to emphasize that neither of these gatherings are based in any religion or spirituality. Instead, I have created a framework that holds space for your own beliefs. People from any religious/spiritual backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to attend. I will be using some specific archetypal symbols (such as ravens) in the design of the event, but please note that they are not tied to a spiritual practice of any kind.

Like all of my events, this gathering is completely free to attend, no strings attached! Please note, however, that I do have a limited number of available spaces and will be mindful about selecting my guests. I want to make sure everyone that comes together in this community is able to engage with each other in a kind and respectful way. Please keep this in mind while filling out the form below. You do not need to share anything about your loss if you don’t feel comfortable, I just want to get a feel for you as a person!

FAQ’s are listed below the form if you would like further clarification!


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To attend this event, you'll need to be able to make both parts. Thursday, Oct 3rd at 6:30pm and Sunday, October 13th at 2pm.
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This gathering will be unlike any other memorial service you've attended. We'll be creating our own unique way to celebrate and remember. :)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why strangers?

A: Something beautiful happens when a group of strangers comes together over a shared experience. Many find that it’s easier for them to talk openly or with more vulnerability than they feel in a group of people who know them. Since this particular event is about such a personal subject, being able to express yourself freely without judgement is imperative. It is my responsibility as hostess to ensure that everyone reacts with respect.

Q: Isn’t this a bit morbid?

A: Some believe that talking about death or loss is morbid, but death is an integral part of life. By learning to openly discuss it, we can find closure and peace in our loss.

Q: Why are there bird skulls in your video?

A: Don’t worry - they’re not real skulls. I created them out of porcelain! They will be used in part of our ceremony. I think it’s important to recognize the processes of death, and skulls are a reminder of how our physical presence changes and shifts. Additionally, ravens have been an archetype of a messenger in cultures all over the world. To many people, they represent a link between this world and the next - whether you believe that is Heaven, the Otherworld, The World of the Gods, or simply the next dimension of life. I chose them as a symbol because of their widespread association with death and “the beyond,” which is open to interpretation by your own personal beliefs.