The Wondersmith
Rewarding curiosity and gifting magic all over the Pacific Northwest
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Why the Wondersmith does what she does. A personal letter, a bio, and a backstory. This page includes a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Letter from the wondersmith


I do this work because I feel like the world needs it. We need to notice the magic and engage with the wonder. We need to see the beauty in nature so we feel compelled to protect it. And, importantly, we need to have fun. 


Spreading wonder through writing about everyday magic to enhance our connections to ourselves, our community, and the glorious natural world of the Pacific Northwest


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Frequently - Asked Questions: 

Q: What is a Wondersmith?

A: "Wondersmith" is a word I made up to describe what I do. Just as a goldsmith works with gold, I use wonder as my material. I am also a glass and ceramic artist but that contributes to my work as a Wondersmith instead of competing with it.

 Q: What's the catch? Are these events really free? 

A: Yes, they really are! They are funded by my generous patrons and are my gift to you. 

Q: Do you make all of the artwork yourself? 

A: Yes, for the most part. Though I do occasionally collaborate with others I will always indicate if I am showing work other than my own. 

Q: What is your name? 

A: I prefer to be known simply as "The Wondersmith." This program is about generous giving and sharing the magic and using my "human" name seems unnecessary. If you have any safety concerns please feel free to send me a message at

Q: Where do you find your ingredients?

A: I forage for many of them myself! Sometimes I order wild herbs and spices from companies like Wild Rose Herbs, but usually I harvest and process them myself. I've apprenticed for a Master Herbalist and make sure that anything I am feeding to others is 100% safe. 

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions? 

A: Even if you have dietary restrictions, you are still totally welcome at my events! I have quite a bit of experience catering to different needs, so I will do my best to create something you can eat as long as I have enough notice to do so. If you're attending one of my events, please feel free to reach out beforehand to discuss menu options.