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Pour yourself a cup of tea and browse the e-book offerings Miss Wondersmith has created just for you! We’ll begin with one very special book about designing your own customized magical gatherings. You can read all about it below as she scribbles away in a back room, working on more wonder-filled volumes to add to this selection…


Have you ever wanted to host a gathering that could have walked right out of the pages of your favorite fairytale? Have you ever wandered the woods hoping to discover an elven feast or a secret scroll? Do you want the ability to design meaningful gatherings for any purpose?

Welcome to Fairytale Gatherings! (Find the Softcover and Hardcover versions here)

In this book, you will be guided through the steps of using storytelling structure to design your own personalized and magical gathering. Miss Wondersmith leads the way with her sketched ideas, easy-to-understand text, and real-life examples of the magical gatherings she creates and shares with strangers. Now you, too, can create gatherings infused with deeper meaning and beautiful craftsmanship. Part sketchbook and part portfolio, you’ll feel as if you’re peering over her shoulder to watch all of the components come together before your eyes.

This would be a great resource for party planners or event coordinators of any faith background as her approach is not tied to any specific spiritual or religious traditions (unlike the vast majority of books about ceremony and ritual.) It’s an especially helpful resource when considering the need to plan for an atypical event such as a non-traditional wedding ceremony, pet memorial, or full moon celebration. Finally, it’s a fun dive into the imagination of a woman who thinks decidedly outside the box. 60+ pages of magic await you. 

Here’s a peek inside:


“Miss Wondersmith has been astonishing me and everyone else at Enchanted Living Magazine for a while now, and her stunning recipes and elixirs and gatherings make every issue we put out that much more beautiful. Among ourselves, we often share her latest bit of magic, wondering if there's anything she can't do. Now that I've read her incredibly charming and creative new book, it seems the answer is no! What a sweet collection of ideas this is -- we may not be able to attend a Wondersmith gathering ourselves (tho we're tempted to wander  the wilds of the Pacific Northwest hunting for a hidden invitation), but now we can create these meaningful events of our own. I love how she models event planning on the hero's journey and makes every stage, and every detail, rich with meaning, connection, and unbelievable beauty.”

 -- Carolyn Turgeon

 Editor of Enchanted Living Magazine

"Fairytale Gatherings is a complete delight from start to end. Miss Wondersmith's words and images weave together in this wonderful book to craft a work of art all on its own. Miss Wondersmith has infused every page with her own inimitable style and passion for creative and magical gatherings. I know I'm not the only one who has stared in wonder at the images of her gatherings online and wondered how she envisions and creates such unique and memorable events. With Fairytale Gatherings, she's gifting us an insider's view and her process is even more enchanting than we imagined. This is the kind of "guide book" I love best, one that not only shares knowledge, ideas, and insight, but also inspires the reader to create something uniquely expressing their own beautiful spirit and style. And you know how sometimes when you learn how something truly enchanting is crafted, the wonder and mystery is lost? No so in this case. If anything, I was left even more enchanted...and inspired."  

-- Victoria Smith

Artist,  Writer & Wonder Mystic at

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