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Reflections on April


This month, water has been calling to me - the tidal rhythms rising and falling revealing tide pools teeming with life, the mountain streams in their snowmelt coldness resurrecting curling ferns and delicate violets, even the spring rains pounding their drumbeat rhythm on the roof, signaling the beginning of morel mushroom season! Oh how healing water can be to us... whether in the form of a mineral-rich seaweed bath or brewed into a glacial blue tonic filled with the rich flavor of licorice ferns. Staring into its dark glimmering depths watching the sunlight play in the dancing kelp is reminiscent of the flashes of light found in labradorite, which I've concluded is the perfect stone for a mermaid.

I've been thinking about plants that grow in the water and near the water - the kelp, wakame, dulse, and other seaweeds that grow along the coast, exposed by low spring tides. The plants that grow in the damp mossy areas near stream beds, like curled fiddlehead ferns and beautifully purple violets and sultry wild ginger with its signature citrus ginger scent and mysterious little crimson flowers. I've also been thinking about plants that feel "wet" energetically like lomatium (biscuit root) with its bright flavors of parsley, but a little more wild. On top of all of this, I've been thinking about the floral breezes that blow this time of year across the seas of white flowering trees like plum blossoms. Oh what a gorgeous time to be outside, drinking it in through all the senses!

Mostly, though, I've been thinking about the nature of water itself. The height of springtime is a time of great change and every day feels different. Those ups and downs can be overwhelming, unless we are able to surrender a little bit and let ourselves ride the swells and cycles like a feather floating on the waves. Every day, ask yourself: what does today feel like? What is the weather? Where is my energy? Then, decide from there what you will ask of yourself on that particular day. Leave some room, too, for flexibility - you never know what unexpected bend that river of life might take you down. It can be far too easy to over-extend ourselves this time of year as that springtime business instills itself in our chests. Adventures beckon, projects call, wanderlust pulls us to the unknown and unexpected... and while all of this joyful business is wonderful, it's important to remember to balance it out with some gentle slowness and quiet time as well, lest you get carried off in those wild spring tides. Ride those swells, and soak in that springtime!

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