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Reflections on May

may mandala small.jpg

May is a celebration of wildflowers and fairy bowers. The earth adorns herself in the sensual sweetness of floral perfume as we celebrate the bursting forth of fertility and beauty all around us. It is a time to be outside, to soak in the rapidly-changing world, and, yes, to stop and smell the roses. Hope you've been enjoying the magic of the month as well!

In case you couldn't tell, I've been inspired by the bright colors and floral flavors of the season. From these wild violet and hibiscus lollipops to a wildflower facial steam the bright colors of flowers abound! I've also been thinking about self love and compassion a lot as we head into "swimsuit season" and I talk about body image a bit in this post about the redemption of salads. In case you missed it, I have one diet rule: eat what makes you feel good. I also believe that sensual body treatments don't have to be tied to physical appearance; you can enjoy them simply for the pleasure of it! "Pleasure" seems to be the word of the month as sensuality is everywhere from the silky softness of rose petals to the allure of honeysuckle and lilac. I've been going on evening walks in the park whenever I'm able, just to soak in the medley of sweet floral scents that perfume the air. Spring, like life, goes by far too fast. It's time to get out there and enjoy it.

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