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Reflections on June and a Colorful Mandala


Where did July even come from? It seems that the abnormally cool and wet June we were having led my brain to think it was still May ;)

June was certainly a beautiful month, with lots of exploration! My obsession with the color purple definitely carried over from May, resulting in a delightful platter of purple pickled proteins and soft purple rolls with wildflower goat cheese. Speaking of flowers, how can you celebrate spring and early summer without them?! Some of my favorite floral preserves can be made in June, and this month I really dove in deep to explore the magic of wild roses. I shared this love with a group of lucky strangers at my event Rose Medicine, then posted the tasting menu I developed to showcase the many versatile ways roses can flavor sweet and savory treats.

June is also the month of the summer solstice, which inspired some particularly magical offerings. My rhubarb curd, wild rose, and elderflower fairy cake (with edible butterflies) is one such marvelous creation! I also shared my Secret Recipe for May Wine pear frangipane tart to use up any sweet woodruff-infused wine left over from May celebrations. For the Solstice itself, nothing could be better fitting than homemade apricot ice cream lit on fire. (P.S. this technique could be fun with raspberry sorbet for the 4th of July!)

Finally, one of the major themes of June this year was deep self care, as outlined in this post that’s about so much more than smoothie bowls. And to connect a little more deeply with your inner self, nothing is a better guide to the spaces between than fragrant and beautiful mugwort. Ah. Let’s get ready for summer!

From the magic of elderflowers to the healing of rose, June certainly has many splendors to share with us. It’s been my absolute honor this month to be able to share some of them with you! I deeply appreciate all of the support I get each month, whether you are one of my patrons or not. Every like, follow, comment, or contribution truly does mean so much to me, and reminds me why I spend all of my best days creating more wonder to share with all of you. How wonderful it is to be part of such an awesome community.

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