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Hintings and Dreamings and General Anticipation


I've been feeling a bit like Santa Clause lately, even though we're just about to the opposite side of the wheel of the year. Why, you ask? Because my body and brain are holding onto the most delightful, soul-filling secrets and I cannot wait to bring them to the light! I have been working hard behind the scenes on some big projects and commitments but it's not *quite* yet time to share. (Trust me, I'm just as impatient as you are!)

But here are some tempting clues:

Vines growing out of my living room floor carrying larger-than-life floral messages with them. Up, ever upward, to a place of divine peace

Hot new pages, warm from the printer, miles away but soon to be coming home to me, to all of us really. An answer to the questions of "how do you do what do you," a guide to those dedicated and intrepid enough to dive right in. A path of breadcrumbs, just for you. Flashlights in a dark forest.

Roots, sinking deeper, pulling me ever-closer to the plants that catch my attention and beg for a more intimate conversation, a true relationship built on mutual respect. "Teach others to listen to us" they whisper in my ear

A recent promotion from "initiate" to "instructor" at a magical space where I can share so many passions. Slowly but heartfully I am building my foundation until the right moment comes to fling open light-filled doors and welcome you to join! (It's not a cult, I promise!)

The ashes that call, sing to me of their sorrows, the emotional burden I carry with fierce purpose. The line between delicate softness and bones full of intrepid commitment. The structured testing. The softened sculpting. Fireweed season is just around the corner.

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