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Reflections on August


August is a month of golden light, heavy and slow with heat and (here in the West at least) smoke. It’s filled with honey sweetness of late summer wildflowers and the harvest season. It’s a time to celebrate those amber tones, from making wildflower amber facial serum to save for dry winter skin to crafting ultra-soothing and beautiful honeycomb soap to use in a meaningful hand-washing ritual (or just use as a skin-soothing shower aid!) It’s time to slow down and reflect - to stop and smell the sagebrush and brew up some liquid sunshine to get you through the rough days. It’s also a time to think of our relationships to time and place - how we fit into this beautiful world and the roles we play in the web of life that surrounds us. Making edible fossil cookies and amber candies introduces us gently to entomophagy, a dietary choice as old as time and sustainable enough to stretch far into the future. Making goldenrod cornbread reminds us to stay present and celebrate the golden hues of our native grain: corn. And finally, a glowingly yellow vegetable salad allows us to celebrate those sweet yellow days of late summer and make the most of harvest season, before the wheel of the year turns yet again and leads us into fall.


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