The Wondersmith
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This blog is an exploration into what it means to "make magic" in this day and age. Read on to see how you can create more meaning in your own life!

Blueberry Spruce Cookies and Ancient Alchemy

Sink your teeth into delicious cookies flavored with spruce needles and blueberries and decorated with an entirely-edible and totally-doable confectionary cicada while you read about the nature of time and the beauty of the season. 

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Wildcrafted Smudge Sticks and the Sacredness of Smoke, Plants, and Intention

An introduction to smoke and spirituality, discussion about choosing the plants that are sacred to you, and instructions for making your own wildcrafted smudge stick out of local plant materials. This post also includes directions on how to smudge yourself, another person, your space, or a meaningful object. 

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