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Reflections on August and a Cheerful Mandala

August mandala 2019 square small.jpg

August this year was a balance of vibrancy; much of my attention this month was set on creating my magical Fireweed event as a way to bless the fireweed chalices I created for survivors of the Camp fire last year. My mind and life were inundated with purple… you’ll see more of the recipes that surrounded that event trickling onto my blog soon. ;) This was a beautiful experience, in every way, and I feel so honored that I was trusted with turning the ashes of loss into a meaningful object going forwards.

The bright purple of fireweed complimented the colors I usually associate with August - rich yellows and golds, harvest season warmth. From Late Summer Oxymel (as delicious as it is medicinal) to a cake celebrating beehives served with squash and black walnut ice cream, a lot of what I created this month was in those warm August colors. Let’s not forget the secret recipe I shared with my patrons, either: candied chanterelle creme brûlée. Is there anything more golden than a crisp sugar crust over a delightfully flavorful and creamy custard?

But I branched out, too… The vibrant red of balsamic-marinaded strawberries set against the orange of edible monarch butterflies makes this tart as beautiful as it is delicious. (Plus the life cycle of monarchs is absolutely fascinating, as I learned while researching them for this presentation!) Along the lines of colorful desserts, don’t forget to check out my layered terrarium trifle - you won’t believe how many summertime veggies are hidden in its midst ;) (My taste testers certainly couldn’t!)

I also spent the summer brewing up some fall wonder with some other amazing women. We’ll be offering our online course “Wondermaking” beginning in October. Our goal with this course is to make the holiday season less stressful and allow you to sink into the relaxation and wonder that comes from taking things slow and being prepared. Each week, one of us with guide you through a class that will leave you with both a beautiful and meaningful handmade gift and a sense of wonder or calm. We’ll help you get your holiday gifts ready long before the crunch of the holiday season so you can be present and joyful through the whole process! It’s going to be a wonderful class and I can’t wait to learn from the other amazing women I’m collaborating with on this! Our early bird discount ends September 5th, so sign up now if you want to save!

It has been such a pleasure to be able to share all of these explorations and delights with you this month! From the golden rays of late summer spun into unusual desserts to stories about butterflies and growth, August was filled with little pleasures. I deeply appreciate all of the support I get each month, whether you are one of my patrons or not. Every like, follow, comment, or contribution truly does mean so much to me, and reminds me why I spend all of my best days creating more wonder to share with all of you. How wonderful it is to be part of such an awesome community.

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P.S. I realize this post is a couple of days late, and I am so sorry about that! If you were one of my patrons in August and no longer have access to patron-only posts, please email me at and I’ll make sure you get your reward. :)

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