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This blog is an exploration of daily magic, featuring wild plants, creative recipes, meaningful ceremonies, and writings about our shared humanity. 

Welcome to the Wondersmith's Writings! Here you can find magical recipes featuring foraged ingredients, musings on food and ceremony, and meaningful rituals to explore your own everyday magic. Don't forgot to subscribe if you'd like to get a notification anytime I post a bit more magic! And if you'd like to support my goal to spread magic far and wide, consider contributing to my patreon program!

Posts in Food and Ceremony
Candied Elderflowers and Fairy Cakes: Don't Forget Your Offerings

These delicate cakes are super light and filled with the floral scent of cattail pollen, punctuated by tart wild currants. A drizzle of lemon icing and a sprinkle of candied elderflowers make them a treat worthy of the Fae. Just make sure you approach your foraging mission with respect!

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Foraging For the Joy of it: Wildflower Chocolate Bark

What better way to dress up delicious artisan chocolate than by bedecking it with foraged wildflowers, fruits, and other treats from the wild food pantry? This post also dives into the question: why do you forage?

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Seafoam as Portal (With Mermaid Chia Pudding)

This beautiful layered dessert is reminiscent of deep blue oceans and floating seafoam. It’s colored naturally and would make a fun dish for either a dessert or breakfast. The chia pudding is flavored with a floral syrup to make it extra celebratory

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Salt-Baked Salmon (And The Cycle Of Nourishment)

A beautiful way to showcase an inspiring food: the intrepid salmon travelers, cloaked in a salt crust and infused with the flavors of the river canyons and forests they swim through to return to their spawning grounds, bearing with them the gifts of nutrition from their ocean days.

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Sagebrush Mint Scrubs for Feet and A Ritual For The First Barefoot Day of Spring

Make these easy foot scrub cubes to clean off bare feet after an afternoon of running around! Or use them in a ritual with a friend designed to promote respect and celebration of a yearly landmark: barefoot day

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