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This blog is an exploration of daily magic, featuring wild plants, creative recipes, meaningful ceremonies, and writings about our shared humanity. 

Welcome to the Wondersmith's Writings! Here you can find magical recipes featuring foraged ingredients, musings on food and ceremony, and meaningful rituals to explore your own everyday magic. Don't forgot to subscribe if you'd like to get a notification anytime I post a bit more magic! And if you'd like to support my goal to spread magic far and wide, consider contributing to my patreon program!

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Taking Thyme To Shake Out The Grunge (And Celebrate Imbolc!)

A very simple but powerful self-care ritual to rejuvenate your body and spirit and move forwards into the transition to spring. You'll find recipes for an oatcake, herbal syrup, facial steam, face mask, and tea all using the delicious and healing combination of thyme, rosemary, wild rose, and oats. 

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