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This blog is an exploration of daily magic, featuring wild plants, creative recipes, meaningful ceremonies, and writings about our shared humanity. 

Welcome to the Wondersmith's Writings! Here you can find magical recipes featuring foraged ingredients, musings on food and ceremony, and meaningful rituals to explore your own everyday magic. Don't forgot to subscribe if you'd like to get a notification anytime I post a bit more magic! And if you'd like to support my goal to spread magic far and wide, consider contributing to my patreon program!

Wila Witch Bread and the Archetype of Trickster

This beautiful and delicious gluten-free bread owes its delicious flavor and soft texture to an unusual ingredient: lichen! Read on to learn just why I’ve added lichen to this bread recipe and what kind of trickster energy it embodies .

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Fire, Water, And Passionflower: Connecting With Your Body

These beautiful and soothing bath salts take only moments to whip up, and are perfect when paired with a fire and water ritual meant to help experience and release stuck emotions.

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Huckleberry Ripples: A Calming Cordial

A delightful evening sip, this cordial combines the juicy flavor of mountain huckleberries with the calming properties of passionflower. This recipe was inspired by the many wonderful influences in my life, a virtual toast to their generosity.

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Terrarium Trifle and The Importance of Foundation

This trifle is delicious, beautiful, and filled with late summer produce! It also carries with it an important message of how important foundations are in forging ahead with creative projects. When is the last time you got business advice from a dessert? Maybe it’s time to start now. ;)

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Candied Elderflowers and Fairy Cakes: Don't Forget Your Offerings

These delicate cakes are super light and filled with the floral scent of cattail pollen, punctuated by tart wild currants. A drizzle of lemon icing and a sprinkle of candied elderflowers make them a treat worthy of the Fae. Just make sure you approach your foraging mission with respect!

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